While other intellectual property agents work on the concept that industrial design rights are rather easy to understand and can be handled by any attorney, ACTIP’s clients benefit from highly skilled and talented attorneys who focus in this specific area, and this is our expertise for which ACTIP’s clients recognize and seek. To prepare properly our client’s design patent applications, we rely on our in-house draftsmen, who are experts in both drawings skills and technical background in compliance with the statutory requirements of the Patent Office. This help ACTIP’s clients to receive the perfect services at competitive price as they save their budget arising from amendment to drawings as well as from any office action due to defect of drawings.

With offices located adjacent to the Patent Office, our design patent attorneys regularly attend friendly discussion with design examiners at the Patent Office to have real solutions and to resolve any outstanding design issues and expedite the design patent process as well. Our approach has produced effective and focused resolution of design patent procurement issues for our clients. Therefore, as updated in our track records, we rescue successfully a remarkable design patent from non-novelty based refusal by ACTIP attorneys’ cutting-edge experiences and real solutions.