Unlike  some firms specialized in general law and others in intellectual property alone. Litigation Teams at ACTIP Corporation are effectively supported and assisted by ACTIP’s array of in-house specialists in general law and intellectual property law as well as technical experts in the field. This sets us apart from typical general law practice and intellectual property law firms.  No other law firm offers the combination of these skills and personnel to effectively protect our client’s intellectual property rights and to defend clients against assertions of intellectual property rights by others.

In matters of litigation, the best counsel and representation a client can receive are specific, effective solutions to achieve their commercial aims. At ACTIP Corporation, we are acutely aware of the burden and expense of litigation proceedings, and resort to litigation only when amicable negotiation and/or cease-and-desist measures are ignored. Once engaged in litigation, our experienced patent and trademark attorneys produce cost-effective solutions to protect our client’s intellectual property rights and business activities.